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Why you should make your own smart sockets?

  • Because it’s fun and you’ll learn something new.
  • Because you’ll be able to automate your home and do lots of cool things with it.
  • Because it’s cheaper than commercial alternatives, especially if you want to own multiple ones. I make mine under 10$.


Gathering Materials


  • Isolated switch power supply module AC-DC -- link
  • ESP8266 5V WiFi Relay Module -- link
  • Wall socket -- link (i use different from local store)



Programming your ESP8266




Code Walkthrough: IoT Device

For controlling device over the internet we add the code that allows us to connect to our local Wi-Fi network, and run a simple webserver.  In the setup() function, we configure the pin as an OUTPUT, use the WiFi object to connect to our local Wi-Fi network, and print out the assigned IP address.  Then, we use the server object to create 2 routes to our ESP8266 application.  We want to print out a “usage message” (in JSON format) when a user navigates to the top level path “/”, and we want to toggle the relay on and off when a user navigates to the “/rel=on” or “/rel=off” path.

Controlling this device is over ESP8266 Home android application. You can install this application or read manual




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