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Development of the five-degree freedom of the robot arm control system. They represent connections on a robotic arm, a place where it can bend and rotate. They are mostly identified via a servomotor. The angle of rotation of the servomotor ranges from 0 ° to 180 °

Servo Motor Rotation


The servomotor is controlled by Arduino, connecting the digital ports (Figure 2). Through the Windows application, the parameter for controlling the servo motor is sent to Arduino via the serial port. The application also has settings for the port to be used, as well as the part for recording the actions the robot executes. To control more than one motor through Arduino, it is necessary to use external power.

Connection scheme


The next block code represents communication with servos. Through the serial port, we send a string that we control each engine separately (C# code):

This function allows us to manually control the servomotor(C# code):

The Distance function reads values from the ultrasonic sensor and returns this value to the PC(C# code):

Appllication interface:



Arduino code:



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